Find A Virtual Meeting

OA Online Meetings List
These meetings follow OA traditional formats and the platform varies:  skype, zoom, paltalk, whatsapp, websites and more.  Check out the list for more information

Non-Real-Time Meetings List
Non-Real-Time meetings are meetings that do not meet in real time or meetings that do not occur immediately. These meetings may take place over a period of hours or days. Examples of non-real-time meetings are email or bulletin loops, social media pages, bulletin boards or forums, and mobile applications.

OA Telephone Meetings List
These phones meetings have a code for entering the meeting. They happen all throughout the day.  They also follow traditional OA formats.  Check out the list for more information.

  • OA Telephone Holiday Marathon Meetings
    These meetings take place on various holidays to carry the message.  They are usually all-day meetings changing moderators at the end of each hour.
    Phone:  712-432-5200; PIN: 4285115#
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