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 Dear OA members and friends !

Please pass ahead the trademark letter ! This is about non registered meetings calling themselves OA meetings , how to have a correct customized OA logo and protect our literature . 



And we had our first assembly ! It was a gift receive members around the world !!!! I wish we can have lots of service to carry the message !!!!

Do you want to give service at a Virtual Region Committee ? It will be a pleasure ! You can see  our committees at

ABOUT DISRUPTIVE MEMBERS , The Virtual Region will had a workshop on February, 10 at 3 pm at zoom room  . The informations will be available soon. We will have more workshops. 



We are currently seeking articles sharing your Experience, Strength and Hope. The theme for our next edition is “1st Virtual Region Assembly & Bridging the Gaps (Virtual and Land Based We are One)”.
Send submissions   to  on or before February 16, 2019.
If you’d like to read past issues, as well as a wealth of other information go to the newsletter page !


Big News: A Step Ahead is now also a page on with a “Select Language” button. Now, members can read our newsletter in 34 languages other than English using Google Translate.

Here is the direct link:


Does your meeting is together with another meetings? Together we can carry the message ! Below why start an intergroup?
Suggestions for Starting an Intergroup/Service Board

Talk to The Trustee – Dora P.

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Responsibility Pledge

Always to extend the hand and heart of OA

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