Virtual Intergroups

List of Virtual Intergroups as of 12/9/2018

What is an Intergroup?
Virtual Intergroups are created by two or more virtual groups that have a commonality (such as format or focus) and a desire to share information and help each other thrive.

About Virtual Intergroups

Virtual Intergroup Websites

Spiritual Fitness and Serenity VSB 

CCA Online Virtual Intergroup 
(Coce Nao Esta Sozinho)

OA H.O.W. Two Hour Format Virtual Meetings 

OA 12 Steps for Coes

712 + Phone intergroup  

CCA café abstinente Virtual Intergroup
(Comedores Compulsios Anonimos)

Despertar Abstinente de CCA Virtual Intergroup
(Intergrupo Virtual DE CCA – Despertar Abstinente)

The Non-Real-Time Virtual IG
(This Intergroup serves Facebook Closed Meetings/Groups. They do not hae a web site. To visit this Intergroups information, log into Facebook.)

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