Region Representatives

The following duties of The Virtual Representatives is taken from:
The Virtual Region Policy & Procedure Manual
Interim Adopted September 8, 2018
XX. Virtual Representatives (Reps)

  1. Submits Certificate of Eligibility to the VR Secretary annually in January and throughout
    the year as changes occur. Rep is eligible to vote in Assembly only if duly registered with
    the VR Secretary.
  2. Attends and takes an active part in each Business session.
  3. Informs Region of happenings in Rep’s Virtual Intergroup.
  4. Informs Intergroup of happenings in the Virtual Region and OA as a whole.
  5. Studies and practices the Twelve Traditions. If Traditions concerns occur in Rep’s Intergroup,
    she/he is to discuss the incident with Trustee and/or any VR Board Member.
  6. Studies and practices the Twelve Concepts of OA Service.
  7. Assists others in becoming familiar with the Traditions and Concepts
  8. Qualifications for Rep are listed in the Bylaws, Article III.
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