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Spreading the Word

“Getting the word out in your community about OA’s program of recovery is critical for the OA Fellowship to continue. The PI (Public Information) Suggestions page offers guidance to OA groups and service bodies for educating their communities about the existence of OA.”
OA – Public Information Suggestions

Virtual Suggestions

New Pathways for Carrying the Message—A Digital Bulletin Board
Launching a Facebook Page for your group or service body is fairly straightforward, but there are many details and decisions that must be made before beginning.  This document is intended to help in understanding the process, and the many options offered on the Facebook Platform.  Social media is a quickly changing environment, and this is not an all-inclusive document.
How to Create an OA Facebook Page for Public Information (Text; For Accessibility; Translations)
How-to-Create-an-OA-Facebook-Page-for-Public-Information(PDF; Print Version)

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